Ticket Prices on Bowl Games

The Rose Bowl is by far the priciest bowl game. (Courtesy of TicketCity.com)

I came across this infographic today and can’t say that I am surprised.  People act like they don’t know that Iowa fans are the best in college football, well this just goes to prove it once again.

You see Iowa hasn’t been to the Rose Bowl since 1991.  This isn’t like a Michigan or Ohio State were our fans are taking for granted a trip to the Grand Daddy of Them All.  You see, we know that this kind of thing comes around about once in every 25 years or so.

If you are over the age of 50, there is a good chance this is the last time Iowa makes it to the Rose Bowl in your lifetime.

While I’m not quite 50, I do know that this is going to be a great experience for the family and I to attend the game and watch our Hawkeyes play, and hopefully win!

That is why there is such a frenzy for people wanting to attend this game.  The travel packages sold through sites like Hawkeye Nation sold out quickly.

I also get there are jokes.  What else do people from Iowa have to do?  Who wouldn’t want to leave the cold weather and come out to sunny California.  Yeah, yeah, maybe they are right.  But we still love our Hawkeyes and travel every year to support them.  This year is only different because it’s even better.

I mean our ticket price is double the amount for the two college football playoff games!  I wouldn’t even be surprised if we beat out the national title game in a couple of weeks.

I am pretty surprised about the Las Vegas Bowl ranking sixth on the list.  I guess it’s reliving the old rivalry game between BYU and Utah, and it’s close for both schools.  But, BYU seems to play in this bowl game every single year.

Both teams being from Utah, I can’t see the fanbase getting really excited to go gamble, drink and be crazy for a few days.  Most of them probably won’t even engage in the Sin City excitement.

Anyway, as you can tell I’m pretty excited for the game.  I hope it’s a good one and even if Iowa can’t pull it off, I’d like to see it come down to the wire like the Big Ten championship game against Michigan State.  That was an instant classic and one that my family and I will never forget.