Team Enters the Field

I just found this on YouTube today and figured that I had to share it.  To me it’s one of the best team introductions in all of sports.

The whole stadium is thumping for a few minutes before the team takes the field.  Basically as soon as they start airing the AC/DC Back in Black over the speakers.

The other cool thing besides just the crowd cheering and the great music is how the Hawkeyes come out of the tunnel.  They wait for everyone to join, then hold hands and take the field as one massive unit.

I think Hayden Fry is the one who started this.  Basically he wanted a show of team unity and thought everyone taking the field together was a great way to do it.  The tradition has stuck ever since.

It’s been labeled “the Swarm.” I think it’s because the yellow and gold uniforms taking together that way looks like a bunch of bees swarming the nest.

You can also see in the video how sweet the stadium looks with the alternating sections of black and gold.  It’s amazing how an email from the University stating that your section is a black, or yours is a gold works out so well.

That’s because there is nothing that beats Hawkeye fans!

If you go to the actual YouTube site and read the comments on this video they are pretty funny.  You can like or dislike videos on there.  The second comment is “whoever disliked his, go kill yourself.”  Might be a little too much passion coming from Kersty =)

At the end of the video you hear the USA chant.  While I love a good USA chant, it’s actually in reference to a line by a former quarterback of ours Ricky Stanzi.  At the end of a game when he was giving an interview to a ESPN sideline reporter he said “USA, love it or leave it.”