Iowa v. Purdue Picks & Predictions

The family is heading over to Indiana to tailgate for the Iowa v. Purdue game this weekend, so to get ready I thought I would study our opponent a little bit and write this preview.  Enjoy!

After a recent good result at Minnesota, the Hawkeyes are looking to repeat the feat next week when they host Wisconsin. Before that, there is a small matter of the game against Purdue.

The Boilermakers haven’t received a lot of praise even though they are coming off a narrow victory Illinois. It may seem unfair as a win is a win, but I do think the standard of the opponent as to be taken into consideration.

Purdue may have already managed to beat their number of wins for last season, but it is hard to see them upsetting the Hawkeyes.  Vegas seems to agree.  According to BoydsBets Iowa is favored by 12.5 points in this game.


If they do pull off the win, and I am not sure that they have the wherewithal to do this, there are a number of major events that will have to happen:

1. The first time in 4 years that they will have managed to win two in a row.
2. The first time in 5 years that they achieved a homecoming win and also it will be the first time since 2000 they will have been victorious over one of the Big Ten powerhouses.
3. First place in the Big Ten West will be possible, providing Nebraska loses to Indiana.
4. Results have to improve as the last few games have been far from impressive.
5. When hosting Iowa for homecoming, Purdue is 10-3-1.

If Purdue pulls this off, it will be a great result for Hazell and it is bound to help him in his quest to keep his job. It would be a dream victory and could be the stepping stone they need to better things.


All major betting companies have odds that show they are strongly confident that Iowa will be in the driving seat and I can’t find any reason to argue that they are going to be wrong.

NCAAF predictions show Iowa 33.8 and Purdue 15.6.

The matchup breakdown makes it very clear what the experts think and the following link puts it all into context.

In Europe as well as the USA the feeling is clearly showing faith in Iowa. One of the biggest bookmakers in the UK William Hill shows a number of odds that by and large put Purdue as the team to struggle.


The Wynn Casino has Iowa as 12 point favorite and the total sat is 50.5.
I think it is hard to argue that they have got this wrong.

Promising Players

There are certain players who are going to have a great impact on the match and the main hope for Purdue will be that they maintain the standards they have been showing.

QB David Blough will be able to cause hurt as there is a strong group of receivers who will be ready to receive his crosses. If there is a wildcat formation, this can be a further cause of concern for the opponents.

Jake Replogle, DT is going to have to find a way to slow down Iowa. He is getting a reputation as a top defensive lineman.

Call to action

What is needed for Victory?

I think a big issue will be the current ranking of the Boilermakers. Their turnover margin is poor and if that continues against Iowa, they will be sure to lose. Add to this the fact that the Hawkeyes are improving defensively, they should be able to combat whatever is thrown at them.