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Iowa v. Purdue Picks & Predictions

The family is heading over to Indiana to tailgate for the Iowa v. Purdue game this weekend, so to get ready I thought I would study our opponent a little bit and write this preview.  Enjoy! After a recent good result at Minnesota, the Hawkeyes are looking to repeat the feat next week when they host Wisconsin. […]

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Team Enters the Field

I just found this on YouTube today and figured that I had to share it.  To me it’s one of the best team introductions in all of sports. The whole stadium is thumping for a few minutes before the team takes the field.  Basically as soon as they start airing the AC/DC Back in Black […]

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Ticket Prices on Bowl Games

The Rose Bowl is by far the priciest bowl game. (Courtesy of I came across this infographic today and can’t say that I am surprised.  People act like they don’t know that Iowa fans are the best in college football, well this just goes to prove it once again. You see Iowa hasn’t been […]

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