About the Family

Hi everyone.  We are the Branch family.  My name is David, my wife’s name is Michelle, and we have two wonderful kids, Beckett and Brie.

We are HUGE Iowa Hawkeye football fans.  I graduated from the University back in 1990 and my wife followed in 1991.

I’ve been going to games my entire life.  I grew up in Des Moines so it was a short two hour drive over on Saturday mornings.

My wife is a little late to the game.  She didn’t really start going until she was in school, but she turned into a die hard like myself pretty quickly.  There is just something about the atmosphere that turns every student into a lifelong fan.

We both stayed in the Des Moines area after school and got jobs working at Wells Fargo.  It wasn’t much of a decision as to whether or not we were going to get season tickets.  Being so close it was a pretty automatic decision.

So here we are 25 years later.  We still go to nearly every home football game but now we have two wonderful children to bring into the experience.  Next year, Beckett will even be attending the University of Iowa himself.

All of us love home Saturdays when we get up early, load the SUV and make the trek down to Iowa City.  We set up our tailgate tent near the stadium and start cooking brunch.  There’s just nothing like having some ice cold beers next to the stadium while talking football with your friends and family.

I hope by starting this blog we could highlight how fun and family friendly the Iowa games are, and convert more people into joining us down at Kinnick Stadium to cheer on our beloved Hawkeyes!